Time to Workout

It is Saturday morning. I’m up early. It’s time to go workout. Yeah or nay it doesn’t matter I’m going to do it.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for months now. I’m stuck in the 370s ugh!! Even so, I continue to workout. I think I must be overeating for what I’m doing at the gym. There is no other explanation for it.

Weight Loss–An Uphill Battle

“Just keep swimming.” That’s what someone told me today when they asked how it was going with the weight loss. I told them I was stalled. They told me to be patient and to just keep doing what I’m doing. What I’m doing is skipping workouts because of the heat or I don’t feel up to it or whatever the excuse at the moment is. Plus, I do really well with food choices during the day, but at night I find I’m over eating. I’m not eating bad stuff, just overeating too much of the good stuff. It is so easy to overeat when I log everything into Sparkpeople.com I find myself going overboard. I am allotted 2400 calories a day, which should be enough. It is enough, but not when I eat pork country style ribs with barbecue sauce on it.


I’m making progress in my battle with weight.

I workout almost every day with weights using a program I found on bodybuilding.com. I follow Lee Labrada’s Lean Body 12-week makeover as my guide and am seeing results. The weight is slowly coming off.

I log everything I eat on Sparkpeople.com and try to stay within my calorie range. Right now I weigh 373.8 as of this morning.  My goal is to hit 350. When I do I’ll take myself and my Terra Trike recumbent bike to Mackinac Island and make the five-mile trek around the island.

I ride my bike almost everyday. Now that the weather is hotter, I workout with weights indoors and ride the stationary bike. I can only ride the stationary bike for 15-25 minutes because I get bored. I watch TV as I ride, but there is nothing compared to riding outside.

How is everyone doing? Thank you for following me and reading my blog. How can I encourage you in your weight-loss journey?

One Mile in Flint today

Today, Aug. 25, 2016, I drove to Flint Michigan to participate in the 1 mile open race for walkers and runners. As I walked I kept thinking of the Dory song “Just keep swimming”, but changed it to “just keep walking”.

After completing the race in under 24 minutes, I now am the proud owner of a heavy “M” medal for 1 mile. I’m very proud of myself and what I can do when I set my mind to it.


I went kayaking at Argo Canoe Livery in Ann Arbor Michigan Friday night and then again Sunday afternoon at Hayes State Park in Onsted Michigan. It was a scary experience as I paddled and drifted on the water looking down at the rocks and weeds–thinking I would flip and because my neck and back hurt–I was using muscles I haven’t used in quite some time–I cut the paddling short. Even so, I did it and plan to go kayaking again–building my confidence each time. What have you done to build your bravery?