New day with no mistakes in it

Today is a new day with no mistakes in it. I crashed and burned over the weekend, eating my way through the kitchen. I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and didn’t move much, suffered a headache that I couldn’t shake and came home early from work. After spending the morning in bed recovering in sleep and a dark room, I feel much better and am ready to tackle the day.

I weigh in today at Medical Weight Loss Clinic and am dreading it because of my binge eating over the weekend. I feel a lot heavier. We shall see what today brings. Even though I feel heavier, each day brings a fresh start with new choices. I can choose to continue living how I have–binge eating, choosing junk foods over healthy, overeating once I know I’m full or I can temper myself and set my mind to eating healthy and sensibly today. All I have to deal with is one moment at a time. That’s it. I don’t have to worry about what the scale will tell me tomorrow, or the next day. Today is the only day that matters. I can choose to live healthy today–choose to take a step forward instead of running for the nearest exit. I can live better and will try to today. How about you? What are your choices today?


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