Protein and yellow mustard, the key to weight loss

When I stepped on the scale tonight at Medical Weight Loss Clinic after spending my weekend eating steaks and salad and really not much else (there was a sale on New York Strip at a local market for $4.49 a pound) I was shocked. At first I joked around with the attendant by holding onto the wall as I weighed in. We laughed and then I let go of the wall and got back on the scale. I dropped from 434 pounds to 422.8. We both thought the scale was wrong, so I got back on and the same weight popped up. I was amazed.

In three days–no, less than that–from Saturday morning to Monday night, 2.5 days, I lost over 11 pounds. Wha hoo!! The next time I weigh in will be Wednesday.

So how in the world did I lose 11 pounds in 2 days. Well, I did weigh 434 pounds. I ate mostly only yellow-mustard smothered protein over the weekend with salad, fat free dressing and naval oranges 1 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday and 1 orange today. So I went heavy on the protein and salad and not much else.

This morning I ate 1 packet of strawberry and cream oatmeal. Waited for about 1 hour, felt hungry again and ate another packet (I keep flavored packets of oatmeal in a drawer at my desk at work). About an hour later I was hungry again, so I remembered I had a couple of emergency fat free yogurts in the frig. Again, after about an hour I was hungry again, so I peeled a naval orange and savored each section. It took me about an hour to eat the orange, by then it was almost time for lunch. I warmed up a 5-6 ounce (no, I didn’t weigh it) chuck steak (very fatty), the rest of a bag of tossed salad, fat free french dressing, and about 10 spears of barely cooked asparagus. After about an hour I had a yogurt (low fat-80 calories) for dessert.

Tonight, I ate a large tossed salad (mostly lettuce, diced carrots and red cabbage) with fat free ginger sesame ginger dressing, a 5-6 ounce steak dipped in plain yellow mustard, with barely cooked asparagus. I had crystal light to drink and feel very satisfied. I’ll go to bed in a couple of hours and start the day again.

Since this was such a successful diet for me, I want to remember what I did. I think having yellow mustard helped to curb my appetite.


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