More Weight Lost

Today is 4/17/13 I weighed in tonight after work and a day of eating healthy. I thought maybe I had gained a couple of pounds but was happily surprised that I actually lost 1 pound since Monday, 4/15/13. That one little pound gave me hope. I was afraid that the big, two day weight lost would have come back on because I thought it was only water weight loss. I was thrilled to see that it was not water weight lost, but a true weight loss.

Fearing that I had somehow weighed in wrong, I moved around the scale to see if and how much the number changed. I gained 8 ounces if I stood closer to the front of the scale, but lost 40 if I stood toward the back end. Standing near the front in the middle of the scale again produced 421 pounds. With that number, I was quite happy.

I was hoping for even just a few ounces lost…anything showing my weight is dropping. Instead I received a whole pound (and a few ounces off…but I’m not sure how many ounces so am not including it).

One pound lost. One true pound lost. No cheating or trying to cheat by where I stand on the scale. It was a real pound. I’ve seen my weight drop and I’ve seen it climb steadily until I gave up trying. Now that I’m back to trying it feels so good to have lost one pound. Actually, that is one pound lost in two days…since Monday. Such a good day. I’m trying. It is working and that feels great!!


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