Goals on Paper


For me, seeing my goals on paper is going to be what keeps me on track. Yesterday, I updated the “Weight Loss Progress” chart I created using an Excel spreadsheets. Today, I created a “Followed the Plan?” daily progress chart. The one I will put on the wall near the scale in the bathroom so I can record weekly weights four times a week. The other, I’ll, hmmm, post on the frig to keep track of my eating plan progress. Posting it on the frig will definitely be a deterrent to binge eating and overeating in general.

I’m thinking that if I can see what I am doing then I can stop these bad behaviors and change the course of my life. When I created the weight loss progress chart I was shocked to find that I only had 19 weeks in which to complete the goal of losing 40 pounds that my therapist and I agreed upon a couple of months ago. Until I put the number of weeks into the chart, I didn’t know how short the time was. I now have 19 weeks to lose 40 pounds. I’ve spent two months, or 8 weeks,  trying to lose 20, so losing 40 seems like an impossible task if I continue on my current course.

So what is going to be the change that I am making that will help me get to 40 pounds lost and beyond? I’m going back to Medical Weight Loss Clinic and weighing in three times a week.

I’m following the Weight Down Workshops program:

Eat only when your body is hungry

Only eat what it is hungry for 

Stop when you are satisfied

Saturday and Sunday of this week I was able to do just that–find hunger, ask my body what it wanted and eat only that. So instead of gobbling up two steaks in a sitting, I ate one. It helped too that I only fixed one steak.



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