From Lunch to now 2 pounds gone

I forgot to weigh in this morning. I take a water pill and my doctor told me to weigh in every day so I can record changes in my water weight (not that I’ve been weighing in everyday). Anyway, I weighed in when I came home for lunch: 419 on the dot. After work, I weighed in again at Medical Weight Loss Clinic and was surprised to see I’d lost more weight. I weighed in at 417.4 pounds. Could I really have lost almost 2 pounds since lunch? I haven’t been peeing that much…where did the weight go? My home scale could not be wrong. It talks and tells me my weight down to the ounces, so there is no fudging. After checking in with my counselor at MWLC, I asked to get back on the scale and see if it really was 417.4. I weighed in 3 more times and the weight came up to 417.6. I was perplexed. How did I gain 2 ounces within 10 minutes.

At home, I weighed again: 417.8 ounces. We’ll call it good 🙂


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