I cannot control what others do or how they behave, but I can control myself. Tonight at home after a long day at work (8 hour days at work are always long whether it was a great day or not), I came home after attending a refreshing Over Eaters Anonymous local meeting, after shopping for dinner and wanted a peaceful evening in front of the TV.

I fixed dinner. As I enjoyed the flavors of the meal, the next door neighbors turned up a radio. The bass boomed, reverberating against the windows in my house. Usually I call the police and am done on it, but not this time. This time I decided to walk over, ask whose radio was blaring and ask them to please turn it down.

I was surprised that the owner of the radio was an older, dehydrated-looking man in a ball cap holding one of the beers from a six pack at his feet. “Whose truck is this?” I asked pointing to the green truck. “His,” a young woman said motioning to the man with a nod of her head. The young man sitting next to her on the front wooden steps said, “Just turn it down.”

“Thank you,” I said, walking back to my home. “Get an iPod,” I said under my breath.

I could have comforted myself through food. I could have, but I didn’t. I didn’t want that incident of thoughtlessness to control me. I finished dinner and the music started up again. Angry, I called the police. Sometime later the police came. The music stopped. Sometime later, the music increased again. Ugh!! I was done eating for the night, so food was not a coping choice. I thought of wearing ear plugs and going to bed. The noise didn’t have to affect me. Ah, there’s a thought. So, I turned back to the TV and ignored the noise. Now, sometime later, the noise has stopped, my TV is louder and I am comfortably enjoying the rest of the shows I planned to watch tonight.


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