Weight Loss–An Uphill Battle

“Just keep swimming.” That’s what someone told me today when they asked how it was going with the weight loss. I told them I was stalled. They told me to be patient and to just keep doing what I’m doing. What I’m doing is skipping workouts because of the heat or I don’t feel up to it or whatever the excuse at the moment is. Plus, I do really well with food choices during the day, but at night I find I’m over eating. I’m not eating bad stuff, just overeating too much of the good stuff. It is so easy to overeat when I log everything into Sparkpeople.com I find myself going overboard. I am allotted 2400 calories a day, which should be enough. It is enough, but not when I eat pork country style ribs with barbecue sauce on it.



Those who know me and have been invited here know who I am. I want to be open and honest in these blogs and don’t want random people stumbling across my photo and saying–“oh, hey, I know that person”. I want to be free to write what I want here and not be judged for it.

This is why I took my face off the photo I posted. But why post a photo at all? I posted the photo so that I could have a record of my progress. So others would know the size of my body and so I would remember what I looked like as I continue to write about my struggles. I’m just not ready to reveal my face to the world.

I say I want to be open and honest in this blog, but how can I when I am willing to post a photo, but not my face? That isn’t being open and honest. Maybe it is me trying to protect me from an insensitive world full of good intentioned judgmental people. You know who you are and yeah, the finger is pointing right back at me too.